Astro Jacks

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where stars twinkle like diamonds on a velvet canvas, a unique group of individuals embark on an extraordinary journey. They are the **Anonymous Astronauts**, a band of interstellar explorers, each with their own unique identity, yet united by a common purpose.

Their mission is not just exploration, but the creation of a new universe, a universe of play, strategy, and chance. They bring forth a constellation of digital assets unlike any other. They have Created the next cosmic adventure known as the Astro Jacks part of a blockchain based experiment in black jack and poker.

Astro Jacks is not just a collection; it is a game, a cosmic dance of strategy and luck. Based on the terrestrial game of blackjack, Astro Jacks has its own twist. Players can only use two cards to get as close to 21 as possible, while the house always holds a hand of 17. The stakes are high, the tension palpable, but the rewards are astronomical.

The Astro Jacks collection are minted in two phases. The first phase will see the creation of 520 unique NFT's​​, 80 Players styles will be randomly delt 1random card face up from 10 decks . Some players are rare, others uncommon, and many are common, but each hold a unique place in the cosmos.

The holders of these NFT's will embark on a quest to collect matching players, their final score determining the strength of their hand. Only those with matching players can progress to the second phase, where they will burn their NFTs to receive a new Astro Jack Phase 2 NFT, revealing both cards face up. This Process will shrink the collection down from 520 NFT's to 260 creating value by reducing the initial supply in half.

But the game doesn't end there. The Anonymous Astronauts has another surprise. Holders of Phase 2 NFTs are invited to join the **Galactic Gamblers Club**, where their Astro Jacks will form the start of a poker hand in the Galactic Gamblers Phase.

Rewards are plentiful for those who played their cards right. Holders of Phase 2 Astro Jacks scoring between 18-21 will share in a 1 million SGB Delegation pool for up to 21 weeks, their share determined by their final score. And everyone, regardless of their hand, still has a chance to win in the Galactic Gamblers Collection mint during phase 3.

And so, the game continues, the Anonymous Astronauts and their Astro Jacks collection creating ripples of excitement across the cosmos. The stakes are high, the rewards are great, and the game is just beginning. Welcome to the Galactic Gamblers Club. May the cosmos be in your favor! 🚀

**Phase 1: The Initial Mint**
1. The collection will mint out in 2 phases. Phase 1 will mint the 520 pieces collection.
2. The collection will contain 80 different players:
- 20 Rare Players: Each minted 4 times.
- 20 Uncommon Players: Each minted 6 times.
- 40 Common Players: Each minted 8 times with a random card face up and face down.
3. The holder will then need to collect one of the matching players that are distributed. The final score of the cards between the 2 NFTs will count as their hand being played.
4. They must have the same exact player for both halves to continue to Phase 2 of claiming their hand.

**Phase 2: The Claiming Hand**
1. During Phase 2, the holder will burn their 2 NFTs to receive an Astro Jack Phase 2 NFT. That NFT will contain the player that was burned with both cards face up.
2. To add an additional strategy and encourage everyone to complete Phase 2 whether they have a winning hand or not, holders of Phase 2 will be able to use their NFTs and cards for the Galactic Gamblers collection which will turn their Phase 2 NFTs to the start of a poker hand during the Galactic Gamblers Phase.
3. Each phase will start after the previous phase completes.

1. Holders of Phase 2 Astro Jacks that score between 18-21 will share different percentages of a 1 million SGB Delegation pool weekly for up to 21 weeks based upon their final score: current Average Delegation pool Pay out ~ 2000 SGB per week
- 21 points: Share 21 percent for 21 weeks and a rare animated masterpiece collection.
- 20 points: Share 20 percent for 20 weeks rare still masterpiece collection.
- 19 points: Share 19 percent for 19 weeks.
- 18 points: Share 18 percent for 18 weeks.
2. Everyone else will still have a chance to win during the Galactic Gamblers Collection mint.

All Phase 2 NFTs will receive 5 Reward Points for AAX token on the XRPL *

* must be verified through discord bot to receive points

Find verification Info Here